The Lost Art Of Prayer

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

There is a certain beauty to a skillfully delivered prayer, and many blessings if you know how to pray for yourself and your loved ones. Sadly, this is a skill that very few possess today.  

To master a skill, you need to repeat it over and over until it becomes second nature. This is what I have learned through years of praying for myself, my career, my finances and my loved ones. When I started out praying, I was so uncertain and often stumbled along. But God is so gracious, and through perseverance He revealed so many amazing promises in His Word.

I realised that if I could pray His Word, this would truly hone the skill of prayer. In this series I hope to inspire you to hone your skill in prayer, to become an artisan of prayer and to get to know your Creator in a new and intimate way through the promises in His Word. #coaching #spiritualcoaching #lifecoaching #prayer #teachyouhowtopray #thespiritualcoachsa

Blessings Elzaan and Monique

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