Freedom From Favor - A Different Type of Daniel Fast

Updated: Apr 29

At The Coach we focus on HEALING and BREAKTHROUGH in the Body, Soul and Spirit.

In this month’s blog I want to on focus our bodies.

The Bible is filled with individuals that were healthy eaters and fit for battle. Let’s take a look.


Healthy Eaters

Well, the first healthy eater that comes to mind is Daniel. He is of course the inspiration of the well-known Daniel fast. Let’s take a closer look at his REASONS for eating healthy.

In Daniel 1:5 we read that Daniel and his three friends, while in exile in Babylon, were given a daily portion of the food that the king ate to eat, and a portion of wine that the king drank to drink. This destressed Daniel, and he asked that he and his friends be excused from defiling themselves with the king’s delicate food and wine. Daniel suggested an alternative to the king’s food and wine and asked that they be given a diet of pulses (beans, lentils, peas) and water instead.

What is Delicate Food and Choice Wine?

Delicate food is pleasing to eat, rich, indulgent, exquisite, fine, rare, expensive, highly desirable, sophisticated, and luxurious.

King Nebuchadnezzar was the most powerful and wealthiest king in Daniel’s time. He would have had the best trained cooks to prepare his food. There would have been a vast variety. His personal wine collection would have been the best selection of wine power and wealth could obtain.

The king’s delicate food and choice wine sounds a lot like the food and wine available in modern times, right?

How did Delicate Food and Choice Wine Defile Daniel?

Now we know that there is nothing unkosher about eating meat and delicate food (as long as it is not unkosher such as pork etc.). There is also nothing unkosher about drinking wine. This means that the defilement that Daniel is referring to is not a defilement that occurs from consuming unkosher food or drinking wine.

The answer to the type of defilement that occurred from the king’s food and wine lies in the contrast between the king’s food and wine, and the food and drink that Daniel requested to be given.

The king’s food and wine were pleasurable and indulgent, and Daniel’s food and drink was plain and simplistic.

The defilement thus came from the daily indulgence in pleasurable, delicate food and drink.

Great Favor

In the king’s palace, FAVOR in terms of food was abundant. Just as in the times we live in, in the king palace, delicate food and wine was:

· readily available

· the temptation was there

· it was served (they didn’t have to cook it)

· there was a vast variety

· this would have included sweets and baked goods such as biscuits and cakes

· only the best was available

· affordability or money wasn’t a concern

· delicate food was consumed DAILY

· choice wine was consumed DAILY

Daniel and his three friends gave away their daily portion of delicate food and choice wine to the guard, so they would not be defiled by it.

Many times when we are eating healthy, we feel so sorry for ourselves when we are surrounded by people eating amazing food. Daniel and his three friends would have been in the same situation. So next time you feel sorry for yourself, remember that you are in good company.

There are definitely times that it is appropriate to socialize around a meal, celebrate and have a feast. But in order to have victory over daily overindulgences we have to become aware where we overindulge, and plan ahead.

Yes, genetics play a role in determining your weight, but you will lose weight if you don’t overindulge.

For many of us overindulgence is an unrelenting coping mechanism.

And indulgent drinking habits doesn’t necessarily just refer to wine, it can also refer to anything you drink daily to indulge your taste buds such as sodas, cooldrinks, juices, coffee or tea with sugar or honey, Starbucks etc.

Daily Portions

Daniel and his friends were given daily PORTIONS of food and drink. A portion is a predetermined, set amount of food and drink.

When we are trying to eat healthy it is important to set a daily portion size ahead of time. We should become aware that eating anything over the set portion size would be an overindulgence and a sign of defilement.

See a Difference in 10 Days

In Daniel 1:15-16 it says that the guard could see a visibly noticeable difference in Daniel and his three friends’ physical appearance after 10 days of eating a simple diet and drinking water. They looked healthier and stronger.

If we follow a simple uncomplicated diet and don’t indulge our taste buds, there will be a difference in our physical appearance within 10 days.

Can you imagine what difference there would be in our physical appearances if we followed the same principle as a lifestyle and only overindulged occasionally?

Keep it Simple

We can see from Daniel’s eating habits that in order to stay undefiled from overindulgence, our daily food and drink should be:

· simple

· uncomplicated

· plain

· the same every day

· the same portions every day


Fit For Battle

Jesus and His Disciples

It was prophesied that Jesus would be the least, and even though there were other modes of transport during His lifetime, Jesus and His disciples walked everywhere.

They walked to the Temple, from town to town teaching and ministering, and back to Jerusalem for the feasts. There was a lot of walking going on.

The purpose for their walking was daily commuting, but it was also to study the Torah and worship in the Temple, to celebrate the feasts of God, and to teach and minister.

Firstly, I want to say that if our Messiah could walk a couple of kilometers a day, then so can we.

Secondly, we can incorporate the following into our exercise routines:

· Fellowship and spending time with family and friends. Jesus walked, talked and taught His disciples while walking.

· Studying the Word. It’s easy to pop-in earphones and listed to a teaching while exercising.

· Prayer. Many people pray and talk to God while they are walking or commuting.

· Worship. Pop-in your earphones and sing along to your favorite worship songs while exercising.

· Physical health and fitness is important in order to complete our callings and minister effectively to the needs of others.

David and His Mighty Warriors aka the Mighty Ones

Before we start exercising, it is important to establish where exercise fits into God’s order in our lives. Becoming fit and exercising may never become an idol and take priority over God, our spouse, children, extended family, work etc.

When I started the research on David and his mighty men, it was interesting to note that being Fit For Battle was one, but not the only distinguishing trait of these mighty warriors. David and the mighty ones were known for:

· Having a fear and reverence for God

· They studied the Word of God

· Even though immense physical and mental strength, and endurance was needed from them during battle, they gave glory for their victories to God

· They were brave

· They were obedient to God’s laws and rulings

· They were fiercely loyal

· They had Wisdom, which begins with having a fear of God

· The Lord was with them in battle

Being a warrior required vigorous training and skill in fighting which obviously led to fitness. However, we can see from David and his mighty men, that a circumcised heart, a heart in Covenant with God, led to supernatural physical toughness, fitness, bravery, fighting skill, endurance, might and strength.

David and his mighty men were FIT FOR BATTLE. This takes an extreme type of physical and mental endurance and fitness, and spiritual strength.

David was the leader of the mighty ones. His heart was in covenant with God, and he wrote many of the Psalms. He was mighty warrior and had great courage in the face of danger. He was prudent in affairs. He was a handsome man, and the Lord is with him.

Of David’s 30 mighty men, he made three of them leaders. Adino was the chief of the three leaders. He studied the Torah. He was a strong and fierce warrior that slayed 800 dead in one battle.

Eleazer was the most prominent of the three leaders. He was a man that honored his vows. He pledged to fight the Philistines and fought them by himself and defeated them, while the other men of Israel had run away. There was no one to help him in killing. They only returned after the battle to strip the dead and enjoy the spoils of war. His hand became so tired during this battle, that it locked around and got stuck to his sword. All the honor for the victory was given to God.

Shammah, was the last of the three leaders of the mighty men. He was a mountaineer. While under attack from the Philistines, he defended a plot of lentils (food for the people) and protected it with his life. During the attack he stationed himself in the midst of the plot and he battled against the Philistines and defeated them.



Don’t Let Your Feelings Get You Side Tracked

Daniel and his three friends had gone through extreme trauma.

They were Jewish captives that were exiled from their land to Babylon. In king Nebuchadnezzar’s place they were made eunuchs.

Even in the hardest of circumstances they CHOSE to honor God and CHOSE not to become defiled.


Our prosperity can become a stumbling block and make us less sensitive to God.

Purifying our daily eating and drinking habits will lead to more intimacy with God.

Many Blessings,

Monique Fourie