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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

At The Coach we are passionate about HEALTH! We are always researching and trying out new ways to be more healthy.

During July we completed a #squatchallenge #sugarfreechallenge #wheatfreechallenge #gutreset.

We drank some weird and wonderful teas, smoothies, detox drinks and detox soups.

AND we have tried some wonderful new Essential Oils.

Download SOME of our favourite Natural, tried and tested health recipes here Detox Soup and Metabolism Kick Starter

Our Essential Oil of the Month is Oregano Essential Oil

Studies have found oregano essential oil (active ingredient carvacrol) to be almost as effective as antibiotics against common bacteria as well as some potentially antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Top Benefits Of Oregano Essential Oil

· Natural antibiotic

· Helps lower cholesterol

· High concentrated antioxidant

· Could help treat Yeast Infections and Candida

· Helps kill intestinal overgrowth of bad bacteria, fungus and parasites and protects against leaky gut syndrome.

· Helps fight inflammation

Ø Only ingest doTERRA essential oils. Other brands can be diffused or applied. Application of the oil is advised through a roller using a carrier oil.

Ø Shipment fee per order is R 75 RSA Only

Ø Place essential oil order via WhatsApp – 0768583854 RSA Only

Ø Please provide your delivery address upon order via WhatsApp

Blessings! Elzaan, Monique and The COACH Team, Contact Us On Visit Our Website

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