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Life Coaching

I offer practical life coaching for people facing everyday challenges, and who want to grow and achieve wholeness in specific areas of their lives.

Many people grapple with real-life issues and face struggles with regards to:
•    Financial hardship, stress and anxiety
•    Fear, anger, and depression
•    Low Self-Esteem, self confidence, or feeling of unworthiness
•    Sadness, grief, divorce, helplessness, hopelessness, discouragement, despair, heartache or remorse
•    Inability to control emotions, thoughts or behaviours
•    How to set and achieve goals
•    Losing weight and health
•    Boundaries
•    Work, business and financial challenges
•    Business ethics 
•    Social media
•    Getting out of debt
•    Friendships, dating and sexuality 
•    Unforgiveness, anger and bitterness towards self or others
•    Self-judgment, self criticism, self-rejection or blame
•    Excessive need to control people and situations
•    Embarrassment, self-consciousness or shyness


I believe that every person and situation is unique, and that is why I don’t use a ready-made model for everyone, but rather use my knowledge and experience, so that together we can create a strategy, clear focus points and direction to achieve wholeness in specific areas of your life.

How To Book A Session & Consulting Fees