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Health Coaching

Health is more than just losing weight or exercise, it about making long lasting and positive health changes, it is about gaining energy, confidence and a hope for a long and exciting future.  

Health coaching isn’t about me telling you what to do, what to eat, when to eat and how much exercise you must do. It’s about DISCOVERING YOUR WHY.

People who want to become more healthy for their own reasons, on their own terms, are far more likely to succeed when compared with someone telling them what to do.  

Change is often difficult, even when it’s something we really want. Sometimes it even feels downright impossible. The benefit of health coaching is having someone in your corner to help you through it.

Health coaching is usually done over the course of at least 3 months and includes regularly check-ins with you via whatsapp, phone calls, video calls or in-person meetings. During these conversations we discuss your progress and challenges, and how you can overcome these challenges and build resilience. 

Reasons why people see a health coach:
•    Setting and reaching health goals 
•    Help in moving past barriers
•    Switching to a healthier lifestyle 
•    Motivation and encouragement to be able to make the long lasting health changes
•    Accountability. Knowing that you have to check in with another person about your progress can give you the push you need to move forward.
•    Support. Health coach helps you come to your own conclusions about what works and what doesn’t in reaching your goals.
•    Your doctor may also recommend a healthier lifestyle due to a family history of disease or personal chronic health issue like high blood pressure or diabetes. 
•    You may hire a health coach to help you achieve a wellness goal such as getting fit.
•    Help you sort out where to start and make small changes that grow over time.
•    Helps you create goals by looking at what stage of change you’re in and what action you’re ready to take.
•    Helps you get “unstuck” by helping you figure out what’s keeping you from reaching your health goals.


How To Book A Session & Consulting Fees