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Business Coaching

Business is filled with hills and valleys; deep challenges and fulfilling triumphs. 

Failure is not always bad if you can learn from it, but getting to the root of organizational challenges and failures is anything but straightforward.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners, where dinner talk often revolved around sales, business relationships and business deals. 

In my own journey I have been …
•    very successful for long periods of time
•    faced significant financial loss in business, along with the feelings of confusion, depression, blame and desperation that came with it
•    rode a rollercoaster of triumphs vs. challenges, and not understanding why
•    worked diligent and faithfully and have been very successful and fruitful
•    worked diligently and faithfully and have been unsuccessful and had no fruit for my labour


I offer practical business coaching for people, whether salaried or self-employed, facing everyday business challenges using my knowledge and experience, to get to the root of the problems, so that together we can create a strategy, clear focus points and direction to achieve success in specific areas of your business.


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