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Anxiety Coaching

Anxiety is extremely common and very difficult, but often very solvable. Many people suffer from anxiety and an inability to understand and control anxiety related emotions, thoughts or behaviours.

Due to the counter-intuitive nature of anxiety, anxiety doesn’t typically “go away” by its own. 

There are many ways to treat anxiety: seeing a physician; medication; therapy, deliverance and coaching, to name but a view.

What can you expect during anxiety coaching?
•    I will help you to understand how your anxiety “works” 
•    I will show you how to help yourself recover
•    Together we will create practical steps that you can use to rein in an anxiety
•    We will set achievable and measurable goals
•    Monitor your progress
•    Hold you accountable

Anxiety Coaching is not a diagnosis tool or trauma healing. In most cases we never discuss the root causes of anxiety. 

During sessions we focus on identifying specific thoughts and behavioral patterns that you are struggling with and want to change. We work together to create goals, steps, strategy, focus points and direction for you to overcome these thoughts and behaviours.  


How To Book A Session & Consulting Fees